These Fans are used by the Tea Industry for Withering of green leaf. Size of fans required, depends on overall parameters i.e. Trough size, thickness of leaf spread, elevation of factory and CFM requirement, normally calculated @ 25 CFM / FT at 1/2″Wg. pressure.

  • Dynamically Balanced aluminum alloy impeller mounted directly on motor shaft
  • Guaranteed air delivery
  • Cast Aluminum alloy impeller of aerofoil section.
  • Impeller is perfectly balanced and mounted directly on the motor shaft.
  • Heavy Gauge MS casting is ensuring longer life
  • Available in various sizes 36″,40″,48″,52″,54″,CFM 18000 to 55000 CFM.

APPLICATION: Withering fans come in five popular sizes to suit the size of trough you can conveniently make (also suitable for sorting room applications as exhaust fans and for Java Tunnels).

CONSTRUCTION: Single piece 6-bladed cast aluminum alloy impellers house in a heavy sheet metal casting. Direct driven by a totally enclosed fan cooled motor of international make, the motor sits on a sturdy ‘T’ shaped base made of thick plate. Impellers bore provided with cast iron bush to ensure perfect fit on motor shaft. An inlet protection guard is standard on all Withering axial fans.

TESTING: Each fan is dynamically balanced and individually checked in the wind tunnels for rated air volumes, static pressure and amperage consumption. Withering fan performance are rated at sea level.

ADVANTAGES: Withering cast impeller fans have the obvious advantage of sturdiness and a constant reliable air delivery without any chance of overloading the motor as in the case of adjustable vane fans.


T-1004 40″ 20000 2.9 3 HP/1000 DOL
T-1025 41″ 26500 4.2 5 HP/1000 MSD
T-1112 44″ 30000 4.8 5 HP/1000 MSD
T-1222 48″ 39000 6.3 7.5 HP/1000 MSD
T-1200 48″ 25000 2.8 3 HP/1000 DOL
T-1200(A) 48″ 29000 4.7 5 HP/1000 MSD
T-1312 52″ 43500 7.0 7.5 HP/1000 MSD