Exclusive Tea Rollers designed & developed after many years experience with due attention to the variable conditions and beyond. Each roller in master crafted and what ever is taken while production. It is the machine of today incorporating the technology of tomorrow.

  • Asymmetric well and ledge batten table.
  • Pressure cap guided through columns.
  • Easy Tilting of pressure cap to facilitate cleaning.
  • Heavy Duty bearings to ensure long trouble free life.
  • Motorized operation of the pressure cap.
  • Programmable pressure cap movement.
  • Excellent Finish.
  • Major Components interchangeable with our other model rollers.

Technical Features:

Motor Drive: Motor driven rollers are directly coupled with 1440 r.p.m. motor. Gear boxes are Ratticone made with a ratio of 30:1 . Table Speed can be 45, 48 or 50 rpm as required by customers.

Driving and Idle Pedestals: Enclosed type with all bearings housing cast integrally. This design prevents leakage of lubricants or the ingress of moisture. The Driving Pedestal is mounted on heavy duty Pillar type gear box and ensures smooth, long & trouble free performance under any type of rolling condition.

Table: The table comprises of a solid single S.S. casting. The design is such that all fixing bolts are concealed . The door is large and fully sealed. Easy opening of door and quick discharge is possible.

The table fits into the table frame which has its three bearing houses cast integrally. The main frame, the table frame, and in the case of double-action rollers, the good frames are precision bored on modern machines. Lubrication has been made easy and effective in our machines. It is not necessary to dismantle or withdraw any of the bearings except for supplements. Bearing inspection and grease replenishments have been made very simple.

Asymmetric Well: The tea roller is fitted with the latest design asymmetric type well to impart the desired degree to twist during the process of rolling. This new concept does away with the battens and ensures the right degree of processing action for your tea. Present type curved battens can also be supplied with asymmetric well for those who desire hard rolling. Tea rollers with flat table with curved battens and Ratticone can also be supplied.

Pressure Cap: The Pressure cap is of a special light design without battens. In our Tea Rollers the cap is raised and lowered electrically with limit switch by means of a simple lever via a gear box attached to one of the cranks. This ensures that correct pressure, to any required extent, can be given without any effort on the part of the operator . Guiding of the pressure cap is through four hollow columns attached to the upper surface of the cap. We can also supply electronically programmed pressure cap, if desired by customers. The pressure for different duration can be programmed through control panel.

Models: HIGH EFFICIENCY SINGLE ACTION 24″, 28″, 36″ and 46″


24″ Roller 28″ Roller 36″ Roller 46″ Roller
Normal Speed 42 42 60 48
Eccentricity 113 & 225 mm 113 & 225 mm 113 & 225 mm 113 & 225 mm
Travel of Table 225 mm Circular 225 mm Circular 225 mm Circular 225 mm Circular
Travel of Hood 114 mm Circular 114 mm Circular 114 mm Circular 114 mm Circular
Capacity 25/60 Kg Withered leaf 25/90 Kg Withered leaf 130 Kg Withered leaf 240 Kg Withered leaf
Floor Space Required 1800 X 1800 mm 1800 X 1800 mm 2000 X 2100 mm 2250 X 2350 mm
Table Single Piece High Quality Alloy Brass / Stainless Steel Set – in Cast – Iron Outer Ring
Hood Brass Sheet / S. S. with stiffeners
Floating Cap Single Piece High Quality Aluminum
Bearing All Heavy Duty Taper Roller Bearings & Ball Bearings.
Pressure Cap Automatic Lifting Gear Arrangement