Our New improved Model has specially designed to pack sticky Hydroscopic and non free flowing products like spices , Turmeric powder, Chilies Powder, Heena Powder, Glucose Powder, ORS powder, Detergent Powder, Pharmaceutical Powders, tea, Cosmetic Powder, Baby Foods, Ground Coffee, Milk Powder etc..

CONTROL IN BATCH WEIGHT VARIATIONS: The batch to batch variation in weight due to change in specific density is fully controlled in this machine by using specially designed Adjustable disc system. The weight of the product being packed can be adjusted within minutes without stopping the machine by simple adjustment of a handle.

NO LUMP FORMATION: The Hopper has been designed in such a way that it dose not allow to stick powder to its wall and the material is continuously fed on to the disc without any lump formation

SYNCHRONISATION OF DROPPING SYSTEM: The tendency of powdery materials to rise after dropping has been specially taken care of by precise synchronisation of dropping and sealing time in such a way that the materials gets fully settled in pouch before sealing taken place, which ensures that materials dose not come in the sealing portion of the pouch.

TOTAL HEAT CONTROL: The Paper former is designed in such a way that, the material being packed drops directly into pouch from the disc without touching any metal part of the machine it ensures that heat is not transmitted to the material being packed.


Sealing Types 3 side, 4 side & Center Sealing
Packaging Types L: 40 to 300mm., W: 60 to 400mm.
Packing Speed 15 to 60 Pouches/Minute. (Depending on specific gravity of the product)
Packaging Range 5-20,20-50,50-100,100-250,250-500,500gm-1Kg
Motor 1/2 HP./220V AC/ 50Hz./ Single Phase.
Heater Load 4 side Seal 3 side & Center Seal
(450 x 4 Nos.) (150 x 2 Nos., 450 x 2 Nos.)
Dimensions & Wt. L: 800, W: 610, H: 1940 (mm) / 490 Kgs.