Rotorvane is manufactured in 8″, 12″, 15″ and 18″ cylinder bore sizes to cater for varying quantity of crop. The machine consists of a horizontal steel cylinder with replaceable stainless steel liner inserted in it. The cylinder is flanged at one end and bolted to an upright gable which is secured to its fabricated base. The fluted fan shape resistors and the rotor comprising of a worm for leading the leaf forward, series of forward propelling rotating vane segments and iris plate assembly for varying the pressure, are made of Stainless Steel. All the movable parts of the rotor are mounted on a steel shaft machined to fine tolerances.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • S.S (304) 8mm Cylinder
  • Heavy Base
  • Smooth Finish Worm
  • Smooth Finish Resistor & Vanes
  • Irish Discharge
  • Graded Barrel Withdrawal
  • Accurate Rotor Shaft
  • Exclusive Feed Hopper

CONTROLS: The machine is driven by an electric motor through a reduction gear coupled to the rotor shaft.It is supported on a fabricated steel body, high enough to eliminate the construction of plinth.

IMPROVED GABLE: Strengthened gable design incorporates heavy duty Taper Roller Bearing in place of conventional brass brushing.

STAINLESS STEEL LINED BARREL: Wear Resistant Stainless Steel liner for longer barrel life. This can be easily replaced when necessary and eliminates heavy expenditure of complete barrel replacement.

BARREL REMOVAL ARRANGEMENTS: Barrel removal and insertion mechanism is provided on the front support brackets of the machine.


Size of Machine Space Required Weight when Empty Motor H.P.
15″ 4 x 4.0 M 2200 kg 20/15
8″ 2.75 x 2.75 625 kg 10