Pioneer’s PULVERISER is a cold non-friction grinding machine with combined grinding, classifying and conveying facilities in one simple unit of robust construction made from graded cast iron and alloy steel. This is designed to run continuously to grind almost anything grindable like Tea, Drugs, Pharmaceutical products, Chemicals, Pigments, Dyes, Tobacco, Spices, Food Stuff, Coconut shell, Minerals etc., to the desired degree of fineness. The machine is provided with fine system of adjustment for fineness of finished products passable through 60 mesh to 300 mesh depending on the materials being handled.

  • Capacity 150 to 300 kg/hr.
  • Anti Air Pollution non-friction cold grading process.
  • 3-in-one operation, grinding, classifying and conveying saves labour cost.
  • Graded Cast iron and alloy steel Heavy duty construction.

The main body is a compact unit consisting of feed hopper, Automatic Rotary Feeder, Crushing chamber lined with breaker plate, Balanced Forged alloy steel hammers, Mild Steel Wizzer Classifier with adjuster for degree of fineness, Centrifugal Blower. They all rotate on a single shaft driven by 10 H.P/ 15 H.P Motor, Interconnecting fabricated mild steel piping , Cyclone for discharging the output and dust collector with cotton anti-air-pollution dust bags are provided.

The material to be pulverized is fed to the feed hopper which is pushed by the automatic Rotary Feeder to the crushing chamber. The high speed hammers inside the chamber with the finer plate creates impact on the material in the mid-air and breaks it to finer grains. The ground material is carried to the Wizzer-classifier, which separates the coarser grade and passes the desired grades. The coarse grades are returned to the crusher for re-grinding. The desired grades are conveyed to the cyclone for discharging to the bin. The cloth bagging dust-collector is provided in the system for collecting the finer dust. This ensures a dust free working atmosphere and minimizes loss of dust grade material by collecting them in the bags.


CAPACITY (Kg/hr.) 125 to 150
SPACE REQUIRED 96″ x 84″ x 140″
OUTPUT 150 – 200 Mesh