Pioneer is the latest CTC Machine introduced to the tea industry. We have incorporated many features based on long & past experiences considering the present requirements of the tea industry. The real greatest achievement of Pioneer is the high engineering standards. Meticulous care has been taken in design, Selection of materials, tolerance & quality control to give you every satisfaction.

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Reduced Machine Height
  • Heavy and broad Magnets
  • Excellent Spreaders
  • Compact type housing Assembly
  • Easy Roller Changing
  • Spillage Free Operation
  • Axial Pitch Adjustment
  • Positive Direct Drive
  • Heavy duty Gear Box
  • Swift Dejamming Arrangement
  • Effective cooling system

CONTROLS: The enigma for the overall Control of the machine, e.g. Spreader Lever, Jam-free Lever & Clutch Lever which are fitted at Conventional Spots for easy running & safe operation of the machine is a novel invention of our organization.

TOOL-KIT: Free-tools will be supplied with the machine.

JAM-FREE CUM MESH CONTROL: This is a major break through. A unique device to set the position of the rollers for the desired type of cut needed that is Hard, Medium & soft should the roller gets jammed due to over feed or any foreign particles going into the rollers you can free the roller in the matter of seconds without disturbing the original setting. This means saving precious time & be rest assured of uniform cuts.

MAGNET: A Heavy sealed & high-powered ceramic magnet is well placed over the feed belt to halt any foreign particles going into the rollers & can be easily cleaned by lifting magnet unit.

DRIVE PEDESTAL: Unlike the conventional type of machine where the Motor & the Gear box are mounted on the top of the machine, in our design-the Gear box & the Motor are mounted on a heavy type cast iron pedestal separated from the cutting unit. The motor is fitted on the sliding plate to tension the V-belts. This prevents the damage of the Belt & Bearings.

PITCH ADJUSTMENT: This has been very much simplified when compared with the conventional type of machines. Axial movement of the H.S. roller is achieved engaging wrench into the Outer & Inner cover & turning the cover to the desired pitch. This enables actual & accurate axial pitch necessary for quality cuts without any manual error.


Sizes Available in Inch 24″ 30″ 36″ 48″
Conveyor Belt Width/mm 760 850 1000 1300
Production Kgs. of Withered leaf/Hr. 750-800 900-1100 1200-1400 1500-1800
Power Requirement H.P.
1st Cut 15 25 30 35
2nd Cut 15 20 25 30
Weight : (Each Unit)
Net Weight MT 2500 2800 3000 3450
Gross Weight MT 2950 3350 3650 4300
Overall Dimensions: (mm)


1150 1150 1150 1150


2200 2320 2500 2800


Single Duplex Triplex Quadruplex
3650 5500 7450 9200

High Speed Roller R.P.M:720 standard ration to slow speed 10:1