Space Humidification by atomized water at ambient temperature is proven to be the most efficient and economical method compared to steam humidification of air washing.

Humid air Humidifier is basically an atomizer. The unit while in operation generates a continuous stream of atomized water of micron particle size. These particles instantly evaporates and dissipates in the surrounding air, thus increasing the specific humidity of relatively dry air in the vicinity of the equipment. This humid air automatically spread into all parts of the space by the difference in Vapour Pressure.

  • High evaporating Capacity – 40 lt. water/hr.
  • Atomizes water into fine mist capable of Producing 2400 cfm.
  • Uniform Distribution and Low operating cost > H.P. Motor only.
  • Available both Directional and Non-Directional type.

By incorporating accurate control devices humid air humidifier can maintain up to 95% RH in an enclosed space without forming condensation.


  • Compact, Self contained bolted on sturdy M.S.table which is Mobile on castors. The unit light weight, about 15 kg and operator friendly.
  • Incorporates the state-of-art technology of inverted cup atomizing mechanism.
  • Energy efficient and sturdy motor for continuous and trouble free operation.
  • Series of Humid air replace over head ducting system etc. & keep room clean & open.
  • Available in two versions of stainless steel and Aluminum epoxy coated models.
  • Low power consumption only 20 watts per liter of water evaporated.


Dimensions 450 mm diameter X 380 mm Height without table
Weight 15 Kg approximately
Atomization 6/4 Liters of water per hour.
Power Consumption 120/80 watts
Electrics 230 volts single phase. A.C.
Motors C.S.R. Continuous rated