Pioneer’s Fibromate is a specially designed Slow Speed Fiber Extractor for removing Fiber contents from CTC Teas by most scientific electrostatic process. It extracts Fibers from hot, cold and graded Teas without affecting the quality of Tea. It has several advantages over Java Tunnel or Win- nower and even eliminates Myddleton.

  • Removes Fibers without any effect on quality of tea.
  • Highly polished electrostatic PVC rollers are used.
  • Highly flexible, separates dust.
  • Fanning and broken grades.
  • Instant adaptability of replacing Mesh Trays for individual.
  • Easy silent operation – needs casual attendance.
  • Available in Sizes 30″, 36″, 48″ & 54″ with 4 rollers.

The machine is sturdy build, framed on MS angle and almost silent in operation. The Unit consists of 6 Nos. large size special type PVC Rollers. Aluminum Tray is provided. The to&fro motion of the tray draws out the fiber and feeds them to the PVC Rollers which is previously electrostatic- cally charged by friction with felt to the Rollers, thus the fibers pressed on which is more light than the tea are drawn by the statically charged PVC Rollers. Heating elements are provided to keep the Rollers warm & dry for efficient extraction of Fibers. Fibers are collected from chutes of individual Roller to a common tunnel by gravity.

A hopper with adjustable feed-height is fitted to the feed end of the machine. Only the graded tea is passed under the rollers and bailed tea is thus separated from the bulk. The dimple tray for extraction of fiber from graded CTC Tea or Orthodox Tea is also available, if required. We can also supply jumbo Type Machine.

  • Designed to remove fiber in CTC teas.
  • Fitted with 4 x 30 cm diameter rollers moving at very slow speeds for effective picking of fiber.
  • The tea remains untouched by the rollers.
  • The PVC rollers are easily adjustable and have a locking arrangement.
  • Maximum efficiency of the ball separator removes them to ensure passage of gradable teas only.
  • Removes fiber from the dryer mouth as well as after final grading.
  • Low cost Maintenance.
  • Heating equipment with bulbs are available at extra cost.
  • Ensures absolutely clean teas without loss of bloom.
  • Noiseless and steady operation.
  • Minimum foundation work required as the machine has inbuilt chassis.


MEASUREMENTS 2510mm X 972mm X 1340mm
POWER 0.75HP – 1HP 440 Volts 3 Phase AC Motor with suitable Starter
CAPACITY 500 Kg Of made tea per hour
ADJUSTMENT Rollers can be adjusted by the turn of the adjustable screw located on each roller assembly.
DRIVE The main drive is V-Belt and the roller drive uses quality roller chain and sprockets
GUARD The driving chain and belts are provided with drive guards