The continuous fermenting machine is of Superb design and as per the requirements of the tea industry, with better equipments and of very high quality. The machine is designed & developed keeping in mind today’s scenario where we think of automation like arrangements and this system is ideal as because you save labor high handling which accounts for quality tea plus unwanted space which compels one to opt for automated fermentation system and here we are with our fantastic tea fermentation machine which is suitable for both CTC and Orthodox tea.

  • Neat design.
  • Better & easy cleaning.
  • Minimum recurring cost.
  • Negligible handling of tea.
  • No UV Lights.


  • Modular Design Mechanized tea fermentation saves floor space.
  • Conveyor is made of Stainless Steel Perforated trays.
  • The machine Functions for even Fermentation in hygienic working conditions.
  • High output consistency in quality irrespective of any weather.
  • Available in different size to suit your output.
  • Detachable Nylon brushes for continuous cleaning of trays.


Output Through put of these machine ranges
1200 Kg for 5 medul
1500 Kg for 6 medul
1800 Kg for 7 medul
2000 Kg for 8 medul
Time The output time of fermentation can be varied from 35 mm – 110 mm
Height The machine has low height just 4 feet and visibility is very suitable to access as the fermentation progresses inch by inch
Air Distribution The machine is equipped with ducting using only one heavy duty fan and moist air is equally distributed in all the model’s feeding the trays with humidifier.
Tray The trays used are strong six feet wide with designed perforation stainless steel.
Feed Conveyor The machine cones with in built width feed conveyer to ensure uniform feed across the entire width of the machine