Based on extensive R&D and field data it is proved that two temperature drying is ideally suited for tea as it enables immediate arrest of fermentation and chemical reactions and minimizes loss of vital organic compound. The tea which is spread on the bed is fluidized by the combination of hot air and vibration of stainless steel Grid Plate. The bed vibrates while the hot air is passed from underneath the perforated plate and removes moisture from the wet tea. The fired fiber particles and dust are collected in the cyclone. The exhaust hot air is re-circulated to improve the fuel efficiency. The dryer is suitable for any type of Heater, Oil, Coal, Wood fired heaters, steam and gas.


True Fluidisation.

Sturdy construction for long life.

Negligible maintenance.

Contact parts of Stainless Steel.

Hygienic Construction.

No fly-off: clean environment.

No. fall-through.

No tears/withers.

Adaptable to any kind of heater.

Centralized control.

Monitoring Self cleaning.

Perfect Bloom and Black Tea.

Excellent Liquor and Bright Infusion.

Flexible design to accept different.

CONSTRUCTION: Pioneer Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer consists mainly of Vibratory chamber, Internal and External cyclone, hot air fan and duct, cold air blown with mix chamber. The grid plate vibrates on the crank which is driven by a motor. The vibrating system comprises of special springs designed for prolonged life.



Model Mark-I SWL-200 Mark-II SWL-350 Mark-III SWL-450
Capacity 200-350 Kg/Hr. 340-600 Kg/Hr. 440-800 Kg/Hr.
Water Evaporation 400 Kg/Hr. 700 Kg/Hr. 1040 Kg/Hr.
Size of Drying Chamber 4825 x 1075 (mm) 7425 x 1075 (mm) 8025×1675(mm)
Heat Resistor
HOT AIR @ 140:C
13,000 Kg/Hr. 23,100 Kg/Hr 34,300 Kg/Hr
a) Drying Sec. 21.6 KW(29 H.P.) 32.5 KW (43.6 H.P.) 43.6 KW (58.5 H.P.)
b) Dust Collection 11.6 KW(15.5 H.P.) 14.9 KW (20.0 H.P.) 24.2 KW (32.5 H.P.)
TYPE OF FUEL                   :  OIL, COAL, WOOD, GAS OR STEAM
Fuel Consumption
(Per Kg)
Direct Oil Fired 0.17
Coal Gas 0.30-0.70 Kg.
Steam 2.0-5.5 Kg.
Gas 0.15 Kg.
Fire Wood
400-750 M.T./cub Min.
Space Occupied (mm) 8450L x 3400W x 3300H 11600L x 3600W x 3300H 12100L x 3900W x 4000H
Weight of Machine 6600 Kg 8300 Kg 12000 Kg