Pioneer’s new Conventional Drier is high moisture evaporation capacity equipment, which has been developed as a result of constant research and development in modern tea drying machinery. This drier is equally suitable for both CTC & Orthodox type of tea manufacture.

  • The Drying Chamber
  • Trays
  • Chains & Sprockets
  • Bearing Housing & Gear Pinion
  • Air Sealing Device
  • Scraper Unit
  • Drive Arrangement
  • Feeder
  • Tea Discharge
  • Hot Air Fan, Air Inlet & Delivery Chamber
  • Instruments
  • Power Consumption

CONSTRUCTION : While designing the Conventional Drier, we have kept in mind the question of simplicity as in some type of dryers, many features are added to complicate the machinery and increase their cost whilst adding little to efficiency. We are confident to say that we have in a very simple form embodied all the desirable features introduced in recent years.

The machine is fitted with a short automatic cold feeder unit, which ensures the transfer of fermented leaf into the drying chamber in a minimum period. The cold feeder is equipped with a main spreader unit which is inter-linked with a auxiliary spreader above the top row of perforated trays in the drying chamber so that any adjustment in thickness of spread is automatically transmitted to the auxiliary spreader. The slope of the feeder is so designed that there is no possibility of any tea slipping back.

The air velocity has been selected to minimize turbulence and ensure even. Air distribution through the drying chamber with the help of a mullivane ‘Y Duct. An automatic fall through scrapper gear is fitted to the chamber floor for easy discharge of fall through teas. The floor of the chamber slope upwards, which ensures a very even air distribution throughout the machine

FEATURES : PIONEER’S Conventional drier is produced in standard width of 6 ft., up to a length of 25 ft. is driven by a 3 HP/5 HP electric motor. The machine is driven through a compact 5-speed V-pulley reduction gear unit. The chamber is fully insulated to prevent heat loss and has Class windows, which allow a clear view of the inside. The machine has a built-in high evaporative capacity per unit of heat input. With simplified control the average output of tea in the conventional drier is 240-260 pkgs. /hr. of orthodox/CTC teas in double firing under normal withering condition. (70%)

The drier is equipped with suitable dial thermometer for indicating inlet and exhaust temperatures.

The trays are of our latest improved design manufactured to very close limits and designed to allow very thin spreading having 72/13 perforation in top circuit 72/14 perforation in middle circuit and 90/16 perforation in bottom circuit. The use of 16 perforation in the bottom row together with close fitting trays effectively reduces the fall through to an almost negligible quantity. The tray specifications differ for orthodox and other teas.

The drying chamber has been provided with standard NISC, MSF & MST type 11/4″ & 13/4″ bearings to enable the shafts to carry relatively heavier thrust loads. In order to ensure a much longer life case hardened chain has been used for driving the trays. The pitch is made to accurate limits. The chain sprockets are hexagonal and are manufactured to great accuracy to ensure satisfactory running of chains. In case of single chamber & heater application heated air is usually provided by a simple inlet 35″/40″ centrifugal fan. For combination & duplex arrangement two single inlet fans are employed. The fan rotors are dynamically balanced and are mounted on ball/roller bearing and can be driven by electric motors through V-belts.

The fans draw their supply of heated air from specially designed PIONEER’S Coal fired heater, which is available in 3 sizes to suit a wide range of applications. The main features of these heaters are their simplicity, compact design, fuel versatility and high thermal efficiency. The heaters consume as low as 0.4 – 0.5 kg of coal/kg has made tea.



Model 6ft. Mega put Drier 25ft 6ft. Mega put Drier 21ft.
Power of Fan 25 HP 15 HP
Power of Drying Chamber 5 HP/960 RPM 3 HP/960 RPM
Fan RPM 550 to 600 500 to 500
Air Delivery (CFM) 21000 to 23000 18000 to 20000