The Myddleton Stalk Extractor is a renowned machine for removing stalk and grading Tea. The machine is supplied with two perforated dimple trays. Tea is fed to the top tray through an adjustable feed hopper. Fine tea falls through the perforations and larger particles of tea with stalk are discharged onto the bottom tray. The remainder of tea falls through the perforations of the bottom tray and stalk is delivered at the discharge end. The two tray oscillate with the help of a crank moving at 205 RPM.

  • Removes Fibers without any effect on quality of tea i.e. no graying.
  • Consists of two aluminum trays of different perforation and bossing.
  • Assembled on sturdy MS Steel frame with crank-shaft which oscillates the trays.
  • The fine tea passes through upper tray. The lower tray delivers tea & stalk at end of the tray.
  • Different size of mesh can be fitted for grading or ball separating.
  • Low maintenance & labor cost.

Scope of Supply: The machine is supplied with two trays, aluminum dimpled perforated sheets, adjustable feed hopper, spring legs, driving pedestals, with crankshaft and driving pulleys, arrangement for motor or shaft drive as required.

Trays: The standard perforations in the aluminum dimpled trays are 4.76mm (3/16″) and 6.75mm (17/64″). Other sizes can also be supplied. The slope of the trays is adjustable to suit individual requirements.

Drive: The crankshaft is mounted on a sturdy shaft iron pedestal and is suitable for motor or shaft drive.



POWER 2 HP 100 RPM Motor
SIZE 3971mm length X 965mm width X 1284mm height
SHIPPING 2800 X 1430 X 1170 mm
Net Weight 300 Kg
Gross Weight 850 Kg